Want To Get Fit, Focused And Motivated For Summer? Then Read My Letter To You...

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Finding that motivation


Have you wanted to be more motivated every single day to workout, feel fitter, and have all the energy in the world to extract as much goodness out of your day as physically possible. But you know what is getting in your way? The constant struggle to find time out of your busy schedule to hit the gym, and even if you do, you aren't keeping the momentum flowing. Am I right?


I have been there in a similar scenario. I didn't feel comfortable going to the gym, had a newborn baby to look after, and at one point 3 kids under five under my wing. The pregnancies I had really upped my weight significantly and knocked my confidence dramatically. I wanted to be a fun-loving slim mum, who had all the energy in the world to go after her dreams without falter. I didn't have any support, even though I knew what I needed to do. The missing piece I didn't think I even needed was having a group of people in the same boat wanting to create healthier habits, hit their goals, and support and encourage one another.


Seeing other ladies logging their workouts, meals and keeping themselves accountable rubbed off on me. I wanted in on their feel-good workout highs and delicious, colourful meals.


I have still a little to go on my current journey. Yes, lockdown pounds, I'm coming for you!! But at the end of the day, I am motivated, excited and raring to go each day. My confidence is steadily rising, and I am enjoying life more than ever. I feel inspired and energised to set new goals in all other areas of my life too.


Sometimes just focusing on your health can be the catalyst for some of life's biggest wins in other areas.


Do you know why I have stuck to this programme? Because it's fun, easy to switch on and complete in the comfort of my home, and I know I will always have people to support me along the way.


When you start working out consistently, you will notice your body toning up in a couple of weeks; in 4 weeks, you will have lost some weight which then is when you will feel most motivated; in 2 months, you will have your chapter numerero uno completed in your health and fitness journey. But this my friend, is just your story beginning.


Imagine the confidence you will feel in smaller sized clothing. Can you imagine wearing a bikini instead of a one-piece at the beach, and can you think of the energy you'll have from eating delicious, wholesome food and getting all your superfoods into your diet? Think of that happy woman staring in the mirror for a second. She will feel proud, accomplished and on fire! She is ready to take on the world.


What's happening in MY JUNE'S Fire Up and Focused Fit club


You will receive Effective, fun Workouts.

You will have fantastic Accountability.

All the proper nutrition you need

Yummy delicious Healthy Recipes

An array of tips to Find More Joy

A bucket tonne of daily Encouragement

An incredibly supportive Community

You get lots of Coaching From Me!

There are tonnes of fun bonuses too!


If you pay an annual subscription to my fit clubs, you will save £300+, than if you were to pay for a gym membership. Plus, you don't get half of the things I provide without paying extra at the gym.


When you sign up, you get a 30-day subscription to our nutrition programmes free, our portion control containers, shaker bottle and your personalised workbook each month to keep you on track. Did I mention you get access to my unique membership group on Facebook just launching brand new! And trust me, I pour my heart and soul into providing this space to be the most fun, interactive group there is!


Sign up for the best deal with me and save an extra 40 pounds too.


And if you are not happy, you get a full refund within 30 days of purchase, if you feel this is not as amazing as I promised you!


So, what is stopping you from taking the plunge? If you need fire in your belly, look at this transformation below of one of our clients whose before and after truly speaks for itself. Amazing right?


If you are ready, fill out the form on this link below, and we will let you know if you are a good fit for our group! We are starting June 1st, so time is ticking... 🙂

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