Seven ways joining our virtual fit gym can boost your confidence

Working out can be an intimidating experience, especially if you are new to the fitness world.


You may feel like it's difficult to find gym equipment or workout clothes that fit your style and budget. You may not be able to afford a personal trainer, gym membership or nutritionist. This is why joining our fit gym at home is an excellent option for those who want to gain confidence in their body.


Here are seven ways how working out at home with our virtual fit club will help you get more confident!

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One: Workout in the privacy of your own home


At home, there is no chance that anyone will judge how hard you're working out. The more you exercise and tone up, the more confidence will start to come naturally.  You won't have to worry about other people checking you out or not finding the right equipment for your body size.


Two: Learn from experienced celebrity trainers right from home!


Many online workout programs like P90X, Insanity and Lift4 can help you build muscle tone. You will have confidence knowing you are making the best moves correctly for the best results.

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Three: The support keeps your confidence high


When you join our virtual fit club, you get celebrated for your successes every single day and week. Many of our members have lost weight and gained confidence from the fantastic support they receive.


Four: Learning and understanding for confidence


Our coaching programs help you understand how important fitness is for your health. It will teach you how to make healthy changes in your life, stay accountable with daily check-ins, learn different workouts based on personal goals (weight loss or strength training), and create new habits.

When you understand the ins and outs of this health and fitness space, confidence becomes second nature on your wellness journey.

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Five: Learn about portion control with a container system.


Many people who work out at home don't realise the importance of portion control. When you learn how to use a container system, it's easy to understand where your portions should be and maintain an ideal weight. You will be confident in the kitchen when prepping meals. Nutrition is 80% part of the puzzle, and exercise is 20% part of it. Portion control can make or break your success. We also have your back with our portion control workshop, so you are never left in the dark.

Six: Receive healthy vegan recipe ebooks each month


These can be customised to fit any diet. Create recipes you will be confident enough to make that will support your journey. There are many ways to eat healthy on this plan, and we don't cut out any groups; we are just smart on the suitable amount we need for our bodies.

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Seven: Confidence is important in all aspects of your life, not just when working out.

The more you learn about yourself and work on things that make you feel uncomfortable, the better off you will be! If you hate running, don't do it; in our virtual fit gym, we cover everything from dance, cardio, yoga, barre, lifting to HIIT... you will find what you enjoy. When you enjoy the workout, you will have the confidence in knowing you are more likely to show up and stick it out.




If you're ready to change your life and start making progress, then there's no better time than now. Our unique programmes are waiting for you with weeks worth of workouts that will help transform your body in just 30 days!


We've got incredible new fit clubs happening each month where we'll guide you through the entire process from beginning to end, so all you have to do is show up, have fun and boost your confidence. To sign up today, click on the button below to apply. Only the right people, ready to crush their goals, will be allowed VIP access.

Join us now at our virtual gym and get started right away!

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