How to make a morning routine

It's morning time again, as strange as that may sound! That lovely alarm clock has just softly - or perhaps not so gently - jarred you up from your comfortable slumber, and it's time to get your day started.

Before you settle into your regular morning routine, try out a few, if not all, of these healthy ways to start your day. You may make the most of the time you have before heading out by doing so, and you'll be more likely to keep to healthy living habits for the rest of the day.

Here are 5-morning routines to help you start your day off on the right foot.

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1. Meditation.


Meditation in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. It will assist you in becoming more focused, content, and upbeat. Your mind has a propensity for jumping from one notion to the next. This is known as the "monkey mind" in Buddhism.


One of the advantages of meditation is breaking free from regular thought patterns, particularly negative ones. This can assist you in moving from a reactive state to a caring, proactive state of being.


Set aside at least 10 minutes each day, first thing in the morning, to prepare yourself for the day ahead. The fantastic spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker Louise Hay has a great morning meditation (available on youtube) that she suggested you listen to before you even get out of bed - how hard can it be?

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2. Get a large glass of water to drink.


Pour yourself a big glass of water once you've gotten out of bed. Remember that your body hasn't had any food or water in 8 to 12 hours. Therefore it's dehydrated.


Add a fibre supplement that aids your digestive system if you want to take this healthy practice even further. One spoonful in a glass of water will not only help lower your cholesterol, but the added fibre will also make you feel fuller, preventing you from overeating when it's time for breakfast. If that’s not your thing, then just add lemon to your water or apple cider vinegar to give your digestion preparation and a healthy boost.

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3. Eat A Healthy Breakfast.


As you probably already know, breakfast is breaking the fast and should be done wisely and well. Often considered the most important meal of the day and should never be neglected.


Remember that your body has gone without food or drink all night; therefore, one of the first things you should do is refuel your engine. Breakfast should be as healthful as possible. So fast food from a drive-through is usually out, plus most of those breakfast items can easily exceed 1000 calories. That's a lot of food for a single meal.


Anyway, back to the healthy meal. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to swiftly prepare something nutritious to eat at home if you keep your refrigerator/kitchen/ pantry stocked with healthy options. Fruits, seeds, nuts, porridge oats, scrambled tofu, avocado on toast, fruit jams, there's so much to choose from. Don’t forget to take probiotics and digestive enzymes before you eat if you struggle with feeling bloated or having wind or any discomfort.

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4. Write A To-Do List / Journal


Another morning routine to get into is to jot down a few things on paper that you want to accomplish that day while you're resting your breakfast. Any immediate goals you want to complete that day can be added to this "To-Do" list. These objectives could be related to your job, home, children, or weight-loss attempts.


Having a To-Do list gives you specific things to focus on, increasing your chances of completing them and, as a result, being more productive. It’s also a great time to just journal and writes down your thoughts and feelings without judgment in a separate book, to get things out, and on paper, it is very healing and cathartic.

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5. Stretch, Dry body brush and Shower


Do some light stretching, yoga or take a short walk to open the body up and allow the energy channels to clear and balance. Head to the shower afterwards. Before showering, use a soft dry brush to exfoliate your skin and get lymph moving, brush firmly towards the heart, shower in a warm shower, and finish with a cool shower. This gets the circulation and lymph moving and also helps tone skin. It wakes you up too

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Set a high standard for yourself.


Start each day to do your best and achieve greatness. You are capable of anything in your early waking moments, before sight, sound, or smell. Then your "world" pours in, and you begin to fall into routines and patterns. Having a good morning routine is beneficial, but it is insufficient on its own. It would help if you held yourself responsible for your success and happiness.


Begin with a bit of a project and work your way up. Keep a gratitude diary and write down what you're thankful for as well as what you want to accomplish that day, week, month, or year. You'll learn to focus your mind on what matters most to you, and you'll start to see how your vision of success will manifest. It will train your mind to look for the wonders of life throughout the day. You'll begin to rewire your mindset to be more positive, and you'll start to assist others to do the same. This will also lower your stress levels, improving your overall health and quality of life.

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Great morning habits will make you feel happy and energised to go out and create a successful life. Keep in mind that change occurs at various times throughout your life. First, become the person you want to be, and then the life you want to live will emerge around you.

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