Free Fit Club This July – High Tides & Good Vibes – Sneak Peak Below

What is happening?!


This July, I'm running a brand new FREE fit club accountability group. It's all High Tides & Good Vibes. Let’s dive in together with a positive attitude, big goals and a strong determination to make it a great month! Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect if you join:


Good Vibe Tribe Monday – Your mood and vibe are in your control. On this day, we’ll discuss ways to boost your mood, adjust your own temperature and DECIDE what kind of day, workout, success we’re going to have. What can we do to raise our “tide” today!?

Rising Tide Tuesday – Your tide is rising; we’re gaining strength together. On this day, we’ll talk about ways to increase motivation and put power behind our plans and goals. Rise from struggles, excuses, negativity as you push through your workout and your day!

Find Your Wave Wednesday – Just like each wave in the ocean, we are all unique! On Wednesdays, we’ll work on finding what works for you individually. Let’s put a plan in action for YOU that will lead you to success!

Crashing Through it Thursday – We’ll be crashing through roadblocks as we work to get closer to our goals! Along every journey, there will be obstacles – let’s discover how to overcome them together. We’ll chat about common challenges, how to confront them head-on and roll toward success!

Tropical Feelin’ Friday – Mmm, nature’s very own candy… July is sure to have us feeling the tropical heat and fruity vibes on Fridays! And the juicy sweetness is more than just good for your tastebuds – we’ll chat fun fruit facts, benefits and yummy smoothie recipes!

Summer Lovin’ Saturday – Beaches, pools and parks… oh my! There are so many reasons to love summer and absolutely no time to allow body insecurities to hold you back! Saturdays will be all about boosting confidence & embracing the skin you’re in with love.

Seas the Day Sunday – We’re only given ONE of each day – let’s take full advantage and “SEAS” every moment! On these days, we’ll celebrate non-scale victories, shamelessly take time for ourselves & prepare for the week ahead.

Together we’ll be good vibin’, tide raisin’, wave catchin’, summer lovin’ and goal chasin’!


You on board!?


Click the button to register for free today. Starts July 1st!

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