6 Social Media Content Ideas For Health And Wellness Coaches To Take The Stress And Overwhelm Away

Content Creation Causing You A Headache?


Do you struggle to find the inspiration to create content for your health and wellness business? Do you spend hours/days staring at a blank screen getting nowhere fast? I am here to help you come up with some of the best content ideas, so you never feel stuck again. 

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1. Storytelling:


Sharing something personal is a great way to build trust on your social media, especially if there’s something they can identify with and has a good moral to the story. I wouldn’t recommend overly sharing too much personal details, but by becoming a little vulnerable, it shows you are human and relatable, which works well on social media. 


2. This or that:


'This or that' posts are a trendy way to get your clients engaging or potential clients paying attention to you. For example, a post like, 'do you eat breakfast or not eat breakfast?', gets people talking. It can be related to your health and wellness niche or something completely separated; that you think your ideal client is willing to chip in on and discuss.

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3. Ask fun questions:


This is similar but you can literally ask anything. You can ask some health-related questions to find out the key topics that they struggle with. Asking questions will help inspire blog/ social media content where you can answer those burning questions for them. Ask fun, unrelated questions too. Isn't social media a more fun place to be when we get talking about a lot of different topics? For example: Do you like marmite? Or What is your favourite holiday? 


4. Share funny stories, quotes and memes:


Did your kiddos do something hilarious today? Could you share it? Anything happens today at work, turn it into a short, witty post and give your clients a sneak peek into your fun-loving side. Who said Business was meant to be serious all the time? Memes and quotes are another great way of sharing, add a touch of humour and your winning!

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5. Share value and tips


Share your fav healthy recipes, create an ebook with your top 10 tips on a subject you know will help your audience, share 3 top tips on a live video or on a written post on your social media. Bringing people value shows you care, and people pay attention to that and grow to trust you.


6. Create mini-challenges and Bootcamps:


Think 'sugar detox week', 'clean eating', 'say your goodbyes to your thighs 30-day challenge.' These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Getting people into your Facebook group is a great way to build a community and serve them better. 


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Are you ready to get creating?


These are some of the best ways to share on your social media to keep people interested. Of course, share at least once or twice a week something you are selling and always include a call to action on your posts, so people know what to do. Social media is a busy place; your readers appreciate a little direction.

I hope this will help you uplevel your content creation to stay consistent and on point with your marketing strategy.


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