We CAN’T reach our goals on will-power alone.

Is willpower the problem ?

Have you ever felt that you failed with your healthy lifestyle goals because you lacked the willpower to stick with them ? I have been there in that scenario a million times.

It took a lot of weight loss and gaining it back for me to recognize that the missing link in my consistency was not having a fallback when I felt weak. - which was more often than I care to admit.

Today's Tip

Today's Tip is close to my <3:
'Find a Fitness Tribe'

A coach literally changed the course of my life, after I didn’t think I needed one!!

Do you need help to stay accountable ? Set your own individual goals ? Need help to navigate the confusion with what to eat ? Or just someone to talk to ?

Coaches can help you explore and identify your barriers so you can work together to formulate a plan for how to work around them.

If your radar is going off and you need some support to get started and stay accountable to your weight loss goals,  then click this link and join my Facebook group!

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What to expect:
  • Monthly boot-camps to support your goals
  • Workouts to stream from home
  • Challenges with incentives to keep things fun
  • Tips and hacks to make life easier
  • Recipe eBooks each month to keep things fresh in the kitchen
  • Extra mini challenges to keep you excited
  • Daily super-foods to help with your cravings
  • AND lots of other fun content too


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See you on the inside !

Love Christina xx


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