This ONE thing changed my whole life !

Good health is one of the most important investments you can make.


That still didn't stop me mmming and haaaaing about my decision at the online checkout to purchase Shakeology, (the nutritional shake my coach claimed was the


Questions flooded my head. Could I afford it ? Was it even worth the price ? Didn't I try to eat healthy 80 % of the time anyways, so drinking this is a waste ?

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Then I  was told I would get a full refund if I thought they were pants! So I rolled on  into risk free territory, bashed that button on the checkout and eagerly awaited the shakes arrival. I was excited !  And bottom line, my shakes turned out to be AMAZEBALLS. And here is why...


Drinking Shakeoloegy got rid of ALLLL those pesky cravings that came mid morning, the time when I would always reach for some sugary fix to see me through to lunch. It totally stops those cravings in its tracks, so weight loss is defo a thing with these shakes.

Ka-ching, cashing in on all those body and mind rewards. Initial money investment = sooooo worth it !

Inside this shake you will find protein and fibre which helps me stay full and feel satisfied for longer.

Anyone say they wanted healthy weight loss ? Well, I got you …..

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Another thing which I was super pleased about was that my nails GOT stronger. My nails have always been brittle and really lacking in good health. These shakes sprinkled some magic dust upon them and made them go from gloom to glam.


My energy has also notably improved, in fact it has started to soar. I need full on energy, what with homeschooling my kids, working from home, being a content creator and all the  everyday day responsibilities to contend with. I need full 100% brain focus, good positive energy (all about the vibes) and basically... ya know be  AWAKE!


I know it sounds like a magic potion in a glass but at the end of the day , back to my first claim to myself that


'Didn't I eat healthy pretty much 80 % of the time ?'


Well, when I stripped back all the layers of denial I clearly had been harnessing, I realised that perhaps that wasn't the case after all. Was I getting all the nutrients I needed ? I honestly realised I wasn't getting even close to the daily recommendations. I was bloated, unhappy, had foggy brain syndrome, tired, dull skin and feeling agitated whilst overeating all the junk.


Oh and TMI alert**** did I mention I used to suffer a lot  from the old consti-peedo, ya know struggling in the little girls room..  and guess what,  a week of drinking this shake  I became an old Regular Joe. Those pipes 'a be a working folks!!! - Just what ya all needed to know. Swiftly moving along....

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So, when I claim this one thing has changed my life, I am not throwing about the BS. I tried the shakes before I decided to sell em, I have tried the cheaper shakes to experiment with and they did nothing compared to what these shakes have done for me.  If I could have cheaper why would I choose more expensive ? Because as my coach had said they are the I see them transforming lives all over the world.

IT IS BEYOND, like waaaay beyond a protein shake. It is a nutrition shake. That is the major take away point here. It is designed for peeps like me who need more than just protein. The truth is, protein by itself isn't gonna be enough to see my body run like clock work. We need fibre, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, superfoods, prebiotics and digestive enzymes to name a few to run efficiently.


You could spend hundreds on supplements alone to recreate what's inside here.


I don't know but feeling happier, energised, more productive, a better mum, more vrooom vrooom drive to get my workouts and work tasks done means this investment is so worth it. And the knock on affect of all of this- increased confidence. I feel better in my own skin !


It works out at a few quid each day when I break it down. Shocker! I could have easily stacked that up in processed crap alone.


I am writing this to share how this one thing has dramatically changed my life. If it has made such an impact on me, it may do the same for you too, so that is why I shared this message with you today !

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Intrigued ? Even slightly ? I offer sample packs, just click here to sign up to order. The coach reference number is: 1528421.


Whey Shakeoloegy Sampler Pack:


Vegan Shakeology Sampler Pack:

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Oh and don't forget to grab my 32 of the Best Shake Recipes Ever book FOR FREE. Drinking yummy milkshakes has never been so good and sooooo healthy....

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