7 Workout Tips For Mum’s When You Have No Time

You know how amazing a workout feels when you finish it ?


You are buzzing, mentally clear, feel stronger, make healthier food choices (sometimes 😉 ) cause you don't want to undo all that hard work you just did, right ?


Your happier because the endorphins from exercising are kicking in. It feels amazing. After a run they call it  a 'runners high'. I have experienced that alot , ( I was an avid runner a few years back, it does exist !)


Simply put, working out feels incredible (usually afterwards though ).


I know you want those feelings too but where are are you gonna find the time to workout  ?


Your running round  like a mad women from A to B getting the kids dropped off to every single appointment,  the school runs, (obviously HECTIC!!)  after school clubs, play dates, working, hospital trips beause the sprogs stuck their hand on the stove even when you stressed a million times not too, (that happened to me while I was actually standing there watching. One split second  it took and an hour later,  he had a  humongous bandage the size of a banana attached to his minuscule toddler finger ) - accidents DO HAPPEN and to my point, time is not in our control  at the best of times !!


Basically you don't have much time to exercise , right ?!


 I know  you want to feel energised, sexy, have incredible confidence.  So let us find that time for you  to exercise without compromising everything else.


So step on into my world because I have been a pro procrastinator, excuse maker for way to long with my exercise regime. However,  I have easily fixed it in recent times  and I am confident I can help you over come any struggles you may have.


Let's dive into my 7 tips to fit exercise into your day as a busy mum even if you swear you can't find the time.


There's always a way.


1. Workout at home mama


Yep there's totally a way to access your own virtual gym at home. Stream your workouts like me/ or with me, or find some fun workouts you enjoy on YouTube (totally free ) or purchase yourself some dvds.


All you got to do is make that deal with yourself to press play.


Easy to press the button but equally hard to press it  !:) Damn you motivation !


Plus points : You don't need to pack a gym pack, go to gym (travel takes time after all) All you got to do is find 30 mins to get your sweat on.


I have set up a 5 day programme for you below so NO EXCUSES that you cannot start today. All you need is a trello account which takes 30 seconds.


There are 5 amazing workouts for you to try and lots of other recipes and motivational tools to explore.


Today is the BEST DAY to begin. Don't you agree ?


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2. Get The Kids Involved


Time goes FAST, mostly because of our  ''KIDS', who I am sure you will agree,  keeps us rushed off our feet on the daily. I know you have the best interests for them, they totally come first, so why not spend more time with them whilst also getting some exercise done together.


There's wii fit too,  you may have a board lying about getting dusty. There's dance party games, my virtual gym that I stream at home also has  programmes that is fun for kids using a ball and dance , or get outdoors, throw Frisbees, play badminton, football or tag.


I love blowing balloons up and trying to keep 3 up in the air between us! It is a lot of mad dashing about the place.

Exercise, fun and bonding in one. Can't beat that !



3. Wake Up 30 Mins Before Your Little Minions Come To Rule Your Day


I know this is a real toughy but it has worked for me ALOT. Working out before everyone arises is such a great time to do it. You feel absolutely amazing  and you have the day  set on a positive uplifting note before anything else has come along to dampen your spirits.


I find getting up early is easier with a sunrise alarm clock too as is not so evasive and irrating. Calm mornings are the best kind of mornings.


All you need is 30 mins  to get a workout in so waking up 30 mins earlier is doable.

4. Get Skipping


10 minute skipping sessions 3 times a day can burn an estimate 480 calories. It is  intense cardio and one of the exercises I know gets results as it is pretty much working everything.


Those 10 minutes may feel like hours though  if you are just starting out but as as with anything exercise related, your endurance builds fast with consistency.


5. Book a health appointment with yourself


The act of writing down your exercise goals is so powerful and increases the chance of you following through with your workouts.


Dr Gail Matthews, a Psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, completed a study on goal setting with close to 270 people. The results where pretty incredible. You were 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you took a pen and jotted them down.


Hold up lemme grab a notebook....


To be honest, I don't write my workouts down per se but I make sure to workout in the morning time. Some days that looks like a 7 am workout or a 10 am sweat fest, just depending on the time I wake up and my mood that day. I know if it gets past midday the likelihood of me pressing play at my virtual gym is slim!


So book a health appointment with yourself to become stronger and more energetic.

6. Combine Daily Activities


One of my fav tips is combining daily activities with movement. Why not squat during the commercial breaks of your programmes, or use your treadmill / stationary bike while watching a movie, or do some calf raises while waiting for the kettle to boil.


I legit get out of the shower and squat while I am waiting for my moisturiser to settle into the skin. 😀


There is always something you can do in the everyday moments so I encourage you to seek some form of movement out as you go about your day.

7. Don't Binge ( online )


Scrolling social media, binge watching netflix, searching the internet, ain't  gonna get your health goals on track


You probably aren't even aware how much time you are spending on your phone or watching tv. Track it for a few days and see if your devices are sucking time away from your dream body goals .


Balance is key though so don't feel you have to cut it out, just cut it down and get healthy by making sure to do 3 to 4 workouts per week. 30 minutes is all you need.


So, let's find that 30 mins and switch that lounging time for some lunging time 😉

Life Is Short


As you can see, time is a barrier we place on ourselves. You get to choose what is important and what isn't. You don't need to be a top athlete, just  do a few exercise sessions a week to keep you agile, healthy and fit.


Imagine a Longer life with the kids and grand kids, energy to keep up your fav hobbies even when you retire and that energy RIGHT now with your kids. You need to relish the moment because in the blink of an eye, it will be all over.


''Life is short, why not take the time out now to create healthy habits to give your life that chance to last longer with more fulfilment and joy .''

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I have a great solution to jumping back into a healthier you to save you time ! I’m opening a 7 Day FREE Spring into Shape Fitness Challenge March 9th!


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Only a small amount of space is needed, so they can all be done from the comfort of your own living room! We’ll focus on the importance of moving your body every day, and you’ll have the opportunity to earn points by eating clean and drinking enough water.


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