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Hey, brand new first-time mums!


We’re headed straight into the busy holiday season, where it’s easy to let the hustle and bustle and stress take over our minds and lives, but not this time! It can be overwhelming as a new mum to fit everything into your day, when to workout out, how to get healthy meals cooked and prepped, making sure we have all the important nutrients, where to find that energy that seems to have slipped away with the looooong nights spend feeding baba. 


If you’re like me and you’re so over letting the holidays overwhelm, and the winter’s blues call the shots until New Year’s, I have something special for you!


All November long, in my private online community, we’re getting hyper-focused on thankfulness! Every day we’ll be getting In the Mood for Gratitude for just about anything you can think of! Our past, present, future, neighbours, nature, bodies, minds, ANY and ALL the things but especially our precious little bundles of joy. We are here to appreciate this special time that is ever so fleeting.


If you desire to create a healthier you so you can be a strong, happy mum for your little one, and if you’re ready to feel in your heart and soul a true sense of gratitude for everything you have and everything you’ve been through, this is the month for you! The benefits of gratitude are truly priceless, and I can’t wait for you to see why!


You’ll be surrounded by other people who also want to develop a daily habit of gratitude, take care of their whole self while taking care of their babies needs, and do it all in a supportive community where you’ll know you belong. If this is speaking to you, hit the button below to fill out the form, and I will email you back to get started.


Time for our November sneak peek of all the fun to look forward to in this month's new mum's health and wellness group. 🍂👏


💪 More Than Muscles Monday – We only have one body, and when we’re grateful for it, when we appreciate it, we’ll take good care of it! Every week will kick off with us talking all things exercise, nutrition, and overall physical wellness, as well as some healthy holiday tips to help you stay on track! (We need those strong arms to carry little baba from a to b)

✨ Restoring Our Past Tuesday – Many of us have parts of our past we’d rather forget – let alone be grateful for them! But when we restore our past and see how it shaped us in positive ways and give it a positive light, we can find ways to be grateful for it. Every Tuesday, we’ll discuss things like lessons learned, acceptance, and more.

🍁 It’s All Relevant Wednesday – On Tuesdays, we look to the past and on Thursdays the future, but on Wednesdays, we find ourselves being grateful for all the things in our present day. Nothing is too small, too silly, too insignificant – we're going to find a way to be grateful for it all!

📆 Plan to Prosper Thursday – We’ve looked at the past and the present, and now we look ahead to the future. You CAN be grateful for something you haven’t experienced yet by doing your part to create it! We’ll take a look at what you’re thankful for now and then make a plan to create more of it in the years ahead!

🥰 Figuring it Out Friday – A big part of gratitude is CHOOSING to be grateful. It’s about looking for reasons to step into gratitude. It’s about creating opportunities to feel grateful. It’s about deciding to be thankful and turning it into a daily habit. We’ll talk about how to figure it all out on Fridays.

🏫 Satisfaction in Society Saturday – Sometimes, we have to look outside ourselves and see the bigger picture to be truly grateful for where we are and what we have. We’ll look at our surroundings from or neighbours to nature and beyond and find reasons to be so thankful for where we are.

🧠 Improving Our Moods Sunday – As we prepare for the week ahead, we’ll focus on the power of changing our mindset around gratitude. What it truly means, how we can create more of it, how we can cultivate it in our daily lives, and more.


It TRULY is amazing all the *priceless benefits* of gratitude! 😍 The intentional act of being more appreciative of all we have and simply saying "thank you" to others has a profound effect on our overall wellness and impacts sooooo many things. Becoming the happiest and best mum you can be starts with daily gratitude.


Once you are in the group, you will have access to your 30-minute workout programme we will choose for your goals; this can be easily slotted in between feeds or when daddy is home to help.


There are recipes and meal plans to prep ahead, so you don't have to worry about reaching for the takeaway menus.


A dense nutrition shake is provided for the entire month to provide vital energy, weight loss and make you glow from the inside out.

There are so many bonuses, meal planners, trackers, tips, prizes all to be discovered.


As a health and fitness coach for new mums, I aim to provide a fun, caring, and easily implemented solution that works for you! You know quick fixes don't work; you know your health is so important, so you are there for your child every single day in full vitality mode. You know you are worth all the self-care in the world.


If this is speaking to you, click the link below, this could be the most important investment you make in yourself.

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    Hey gorgeous peeps! So glad you stopped by!

    Don't forget to check out all the freebies in the freebies section. There is a tonne I have made for you to support your health and wellness goals.

    So, welcome welcome.  A little about me.

    I am a health and fitness coach, who helps mums take control of their self care and weight loss goals through online bootcamps. I know the struggles of being a mum and putting my own needs to the back burner. I was burned out, miserable, overweight. I don't want others to feel this way.

    I want to support mum's to take back their life and identity by taking care of their health needs, happiness and boost their confidence to be the sexy mumma they truly are.